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Principal Investigator


심 봉 섭​ (BONG  SUP  SHIM)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Inha University

E-mail :
TEL : +82-32-860-7477

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Prof. Bong Sup Shim has received his Ph. D. degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan under the guidance of Prof. Nicholas A. Kotov in 2009, followed by Postdoc. training at both University of Michigan and University of Delaware from Prof. David. C. Martin. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering starting in 2011 and currently leading the Nano-Bio Materials Laboratory at Inha University as the principal investigator. His research interests include Nanocomposites, Biocomposites, Layer-by-Layer Assemblies, Neural Interfaces, Implantable Functional Materials, Eco-Electronics, Biomimetic Structures, and beyond.

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